Transitioning SA's Petrochemical Value Chain

Different conversations happening at different levels

The Civil Society Engagement raised that different types of conversations about decarbonisation are happening at different levels, in community halls, cities, companies, national governments and with international financiers. These conversations focus on different issues, use different languages, rely on different knowledge bases and skills to access them, and all are predicated on participants’ world views. Some conversations are more closed, others more inclusive and open. These factors all have the potential to result in misunderstandings between interest groups, causing mistrust.  

Many conversations highlighted the critical need for a visible pathway to a greener future, otherwise politicians and community representatives will resist change (Source: Civil Society Engagement, Labour Engagement, Grassroots Engagement). South African society places a high value on transparency and inclusivity in decision making. More effort is clearly required to establish how these different perspectives and priorities can be brought into conversation with each other, and what practices and social technologies can be employed to identify areas of alignment.