Executive Summary


The method in this project was developed iteratively through application to particular emitting assets and their associated value chain, in a certain developing country context. However, the approach developed here is readily applicable to other emitting assets in both developed and developing country contexts.

Innovative components of the method that are readily transferable include:

  1. Focusing on the asset in the context of its value chain as opposed to setting economic or sectoral analytical boundaries.
  2. Stakeholder input and perspectives are integral to the project method, as a source of knowledge upon which the findings are based, rather than incorporating stakeholder engagement later in the analysis to test findings;.
  3. The use of the PESTEL: Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Economic and Legal (or similar) framework to ensure a wide range of ways of understanding the decarbonization challenge are considered.
  4. The novel non-linear communication tool that allows readers to navigate their own way through study findings, rather than having to progress through a linear report structure.