Transitioning SA's Petrochemical Value Chain


Hydrogen (H2) has wide application as an energy carrier due to the ability to store and deliver useable energy, either in its molecular form or when converted to ammonia or methanol. It can also be used as a process feedstock including for liquid fuels, steel, chemical and fertiliser production. Of relevance to the petrochemicals value chain and Secunda and Sasolburg, green hydrogen can be combined with other molecules such as nitrogen (using the Haber-Bosch process) and carbon (using the Fischer-Tropsch process) to produce green fuels and chemicals. These products can be called Power-to-X or “PtX” products, or sometimes green hydrogen “derivatives” – which are umbrella terms for hydrogen-based products that have been produced using renewable energy sources. These products have various uses across industrial sectors. A deep dive on how PtX works is provided by the International PtX hub here