Information Sources

The information sources used in the study were

  • Two modelling studies which include considerations of decarbonisation of the petrochemicals and transport sectors. The first was produced by the Energy Systems Research Group at the University of Cape Town, and the second by BCG for the NBI as part of their Just Transitions study. These are described in the modelling studies section.

  • A deep dive technical paper on production processes at Sasol, prepared under this study.

  • A series of engagements with selected constituents with an interest in Sasol’s operations and the linked value chains. Constituents includedCivil Society; Labour; Grassroots; Government; Business; Asset Management. These are referenced throughout the description in ‘decarbonizing the SA petrochemicals value chain’.

  • Interviews with selected experts on the topics of transport, the Sasol production processes, electric vehicles and gas.
  • The open literature, including company reports, research studies etc. A full reference list is included here, with individual sections providing hyperlinks to documents used in their compilation.